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• Taking pictures is possible in the studio, outdoors, but also in other interiors. Before we start I will discuss with you your ideas in detail so that the resulting pictures match your expectations as much as possible. Length of shooting depends on its type. It is possible to use the props that are available in my photo studio, or those that you bring yourself.

• You choose the photos from your own private, password-protected, web photo gallery. The photos you select I will carefully retouch afterwards. You will receive the final digital images uploaded on USB flash drive and also paper images in size 13×19 cm (if you wish it is possible to select another dimensions of the paper photos). You will receive the digital images in full resolution, as well as in the resolution for the web.

• Prices of individual packages not only include not only the actual shooting. The time for preparation, sorting photos for uploading to your private online gallery, several hours of careful editing, operating costs of the photo studio, the time required for administrative work, education and of course the cost of materials and equipment must be included too.

• In case of shooting outside the photo studio the transport within the Plzen is free of charge. The journeys outside the Plzen are charged 6,– CZK/km.

• I do not hand over unedited images. Neither in digital version.

• The photographs I am passing to you are always retouched. The ranged of retouching depends on the kind of photography. I usually retouch the background defects, abrasions, scars, prominent freckles, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, acne, skin. My intention is to make retouching carefully, to keep you looking natural and alike. If you have special requirements for retouching, please let me know them before I start the work.

• In case of wearing shoes for a photo shoot, it is a must to have them washed properly in order their soles do not leave the slightest impression on white paper. Kids and family pictures are taken mostly barefoot, without socks. To keep the photo studio clean, especially for small kids moving mostly on the floor, I would kindly ask you to take off your outdoor footwear in it. I have slippers available for adults. The slippers for kids are only in limited sizes.

• I am not responsible for your children during the photo session. I focus mainly on shooting, so you need to watch over your children themselves. Please, ensure, that kids do not touch the photographic backdrop and do not either touch other photographic equipment.

• Photos taken during your personal photo session are only for your personal use. You can share them on the Internet and social networks, make copies, give them as a gift to your loved ones, but without my consent they can not be used for commercial or non-personal purposes.

• I do not sign any contracts with you about your photo session, I do not collect a backup. Payment can be made in cash when the photos are handover or by a wire transfer after ordering them in my e-shop. I work on the basis of mutual trust, I forward only the work which I am totally satisfied with. If you were unable to come to your photo session in the agreed time, please let me know this fact as soon as possible.

• It is important for me to present my work. The names or other specific information on the persons present on the photos are not usually mentioned. If you do not want me to use your photos for my presentation purposes, please let me know. I will fully respect it.

• I am not VAT payer.